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My name is Sheila Karwal. I am an HR strategist, an intercultural trainer and licensed facilitator to support expats in their transitions from one country to another or back home and and to help them cherish their international experience.

I have lived and worked on different continents both as a diplomat with the lead assignment as well as the spouse following my partner.

I have management, coaching and training experience and worked with smaller and large teams both in the Netherlands and abroad. I am certified as an intercultural trainer by Nicole Barile, certified in the use of the Intercultural readiness Check by Intercultural Business Improvement and a certified facilitator for the Adapt and Succeed program by Sundae Bean.

I hope to achieve that my clients are happy, effective and comfortable in dealing with life and work abroad…..settled.

How I Can Help You


Complimentary Session to chart your journey at ExpatAware.

A free introductory chat of 30 minutes to explore your questions. In which transition are you? Where do you feel stuck or overwhelmed? What are your ambitions?



Vinesh Sukumaran,

Positive Psychologist & Consultant

I’ve worked closely with Sheila and her expertise as a cross-cultural trainer is simply remarkable. 

She helps her clients identify and stay true to their values while navigating international assignments, retaining focus on success and happiness.

Her personal qualities of empathy, authenticity and her ability to always keep learning and.....

Sheila is a very gifted coach, full of empathy and understanding of people challenges.  She has a knack of getting to the root of the issue and helping people see more clearly what is going on and then assisting to guild them towards positive steps forwards.  I would highly recommend working with her.

Sheila is a wealth of knowledge in the intercultural field. Her personal experiences and international background make her an asset to any organization or team. With her experience in diplomacy and foreign diplomacy, she knows first hand how to facilitate Intercultural effectiveness for success ......

Charlotte Nicholson,

International speaker and transition coach

nicole barile,

Intercultural business consultant

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