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about me

My name is Sheila Karwal. I am an HR strategist, an intercultural trainer and licensed facilitator to support expats in their transitions from one country to another or back home and and to help them cherish their international experience.

I have lived and worked on different continents, both as a diplomat with a lead assignment and as the spouse following my partner.

I grew up in the Netherlands in a family with a Dutch mother and an Indian father. So from a very early age I was aware of how background and culture affect everything in life.

At first I did not realize this as this was a normal situation for me. And in a way it was a blind spot too. It was only later that I realized how this affected me and my perspective.

Fascinated by the world as a working place, curious about other countries and cultures, I was fortunate to get a job as a diplomat for the Dutch government. In that capacity I worked and lived in India, Indonesia and the US and travelled for work, to many more countries during my other postings at the Ministry in The Hague.

One of the postings in The Hague that I fulfilled for more than seven years was as an HR manager within the Ministry. In that role I gained a wide and in-depth experience in issues regarding global mobility, leadership and management in an international context and on what it takes to be successful abroad. I have management, coaching and training experience and have worked with smaller and large teams both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Currently I am commuting between India to be with my husband who is now working there and the Netherlands where my job and kids are. I have learnt a lot from this experience too.


Because of my international experience I know that working and living abroad can be a very rewarding experience but can also be hugely challenging. It makes all the difference to be aware and prepare. To be aware of your own cultural lens and to know how to navigate cultural differences in an effective manner.

I have also experienced that many couples and spouses struggle during postings and are less effective and happy than they could be. My drive is to support and help expats in their international assignments, in all stages of their global lives. 

Awareness, insights into the process of transitions and tools on how to better prepare, adapt and cope, are crucial to a rewarding and successful professional and personal experience abroad.

I can support you with that. 



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What people say about the Adapt and Succeed Program

Highly useful and relevant content with valuable tips on how to navigate a move with more ease.

The kindness and understanding of Sheila, who was able to walk in my shoes and give me the support and reassurance I needed when I was going though a tough expat challenge has not gone unnoticed.

I am a 7 times expat and still learnt so much. I believe I achieved more calm, compassion and understanding for myself that change and moving is hard and if we don’t look after ourselves we are running on an empty battery which will negatively impact those around us and our ability to ride the wave of change smoothly.

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