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Would you like to be more effective abroad and understand:

  • What is culture shock how to recognise and overcome it to enjoy your life abroad to the fullest?

  • Cultural differences, what is culture, what are dimensions to look at culture, how to better understand behaviors and avoid misunderstandings and frustration and be more effective in your life and work abroad. 

  • How to succeed in a diverse workplace and build cultural bridges.  

  • Your own intercultural skillset and perspective and be given tools on how to improve this?

  • Leading in an intercultural setting and with an intercultural team?

Or do you sometimes struggle with questions such as:

  • Should we say yes or no to this international assignment? What are we getting into?

  • I have such a good life abroad, but I do not feel happy or satisfied. What is this and what can I do? Although we had many assignments I feel as if international assignments are getting harder. What can I do?

  • I have all this free time, but I have so much difficulty in making choices and using this time I have in a good manner? I feel paralyzed and lonely. What can I do?

  • I am working abroad and worried about my partner who joined me and gave up his or her career for me. 

  • How do I cope in this, sometimes superficial and transient, expat world? How can I make meaningful connections and also keep my friends at home?

I can help you with these issues and expediting your success and happiness in an intercultural context. 

There are many options to support you with questions and challenges such as the above. There is no one size fits all. I support individuals and groups with customised solutions geared to their specific issues and challenges. Let’s explore first and see what the options could be. Some examples of what I could offer are listed below.

Let's begin with a complimentary chat and introduction to understand each other better.


Complimentary Session

An introductory chat to explore your questions. In which transition are you? Which inter-cultural challenges are you facing? Where do

you feel stuck?

What are your ambitions?


Hit The Ground Running

A program designed for first time expats to support you to adapt and succeed abroad.


Manage Transition

A program to support you in difficult transitions and problems you face

in your expat



Being Happy Abroad Together


A program for couples wanting to make the most of their experiences together. Helps you understand the process of transition and culture shock and improves your ability to cope.


Intercultural Preparedness and Effectiveness

More insight into your intercultural lens and strengths and with personal suggestions for development. Can include an assessment and/or

workshop on intercultural effectiveness, understanding cultural dimensions and how to navigate these. 


Made to Measure Workshop

A customised program/workshop

     for your needs. 


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