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Over the years, I have worked with many wonderful people. Some of whom have been kind enough to take the time out to share their feedback and appreciation below.

Vinesh Sukumaran

Positive Psychologist and Consultant

I’ve worked closely with Sheila and her expertise as a cross-cultural trainer is simply remarkable. 

She helps her clients identify and stay true to their values while navigating international assignments, retaining focus on success and happiness.

Her personal qualities of empathy, authenticity and her ability to always keep learning and make meaningful connections, ensures that her work is current and has the human touch.

Charlotte Nicholson

International speaker and Transition coach

Sheila is a very gifted coach, full of empathy and understanding of people challenges.  She has a knack of getting to the root of the issue and helping people see more clearly what is going on and then assisting to guild them towards positive steps forwards.  I would highly recommend working with her.

Nicole Barile

Intercultural Business Consultant  

Sheila is a wealth of knowledge in the intercultural field. Her personal experiences and international background make her an asset to any organization or team. With her experience in diplomacy and foreign diplomacy, she knows first hand how to facilitate Intercultural effectivness for success – whether that be for expats relocating abroad or for those working in multicultural teams. Sheila brings a very unique perspective that the Intercultural world needs more of.

Oscar van Weerdenburg

Founder and Managing Director Intercultural Business Improvement bv.

Sheila understands the entire range of what is involved in developing intercultural competencies: from helping individuals grow in their international roles to helping the organization build the infrastructure required to support everybody in that role.

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